• Defense and Security Studies

    ISSN 2744-1741

    The journal roughly covers all areas of science and technology related to the defense, military applications, and security in all five domains including air, land, sea, space, and cyberspace. The aim of the journal is to try to determine and understand the ability of societies to withstand the changing conditions and threats. Gold open access is encouraging especially for young researchers to link local knowledge to the global audience. Defense industry practitioners, academic researchers, and students schools will have benefit of wider access to the research without any restriction. 

  • Bioengineering Studies

    ISSN 2744-1636

    The goal of this journal is to provide knowledge sharing platform without any restriction to researchers, matching into the fields of bioengineering studies. By linking scientific information with industry experience, the generation of additional scientific knowledge is possible. Therefore, we encourage scientists and researches around the world to publish their experimental and theoretical results in as much detail as possible.  All aspects of bioengineering are welcomed from theoretical concepts to education and applications. Bioengineering studies especially invites young scientists to share their scientific and industrial knowledge, which would eventually have an impact on specific bioengineering processes.

    The editors will consider papers for publication based on novelty, their immediate or future impact and their contribution to the advancement of bioengineering sciences.