Determination of GMO soy products in processed food from Bosnian market


  • Amar Čosić
  • Ajdina Karić
  • Kanita Šabanović
  • Jasmin Šutković
  • Ahmet Yildirim



The Bosnian and Herzegovinian market lacks data about the percentage of genetically modified soy products placed on the domestic market. There has been research on the issue of the presence of GMO products in our domestic market, but neither of the results is used as a reference for this occurrence. Therefore, this research topic tends to contribute to this issue, by examining genetically modified soy in processed food. The sample of seven products containing soya is examined by the methods of DNA isolation and real-time PCR for CP4 EPSPS. The results showed positive results for the presence of CP4 gene in certain products without an appropriate label. This mislabeling was confirmed since a couple of samples were labeled as GMO-free but contained CP4 gene, indicating GMO product. 




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A. . Čosić, A. Karić, K. . Šabanović, J. Šutković, and A. Yildirim, “Determination of GMO soy products in processed food from Bosnian market”, Bioengineering Studies, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 14–20, Feb. 2021.