Precision nutrition impact on cancer development and prevention


  • Anida Beganović


The main nutritional influences on human DNA and its tenderness towards cancer development and prevention are reviewed in this paper. Nutrigenomics research has established dietary patterns that can alter gene expression, influence metabolic pathways, and change health outcomes. Considering the fact that numerous dietary elements can either encourage or slow down carcinogenesis, nutrition has a remarkable influence on cancer development and progress. Precision nutrition is an ascending subject that recognizes the distinctiveness of genomics and environmental conditions and looks for customized nutritional therapies. The complex interplay between the human genome and nutrition, just like consequences and its effects on cancer progression and prevention are presented in this paper. These discoveries have important consequences for the health of the public and cancer patients.




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A. Beganović, “Precision nutrition impact on cancer development and prevention”, Bioengineering Studies, vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 16–27, Jun. 2023.